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This is test version which will include for now 1 level to test. Then vote or support in steam greenlight if want: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=866532092

Final/Full version whill contain at least 8 long labyrinths


Labyrinth Escape is FPS shooter where player target is to survive and find correct route out of the labyrinth. There is only one correct route. Other route leads to player death or dead-end. Player has to shoot with weapon to the wall and find that way right wall piece which move or destruct and follow that route. There is also bomb and other damageable objects which reduce player health. When player dies he respawn to beginning of the level.

In the end of every level there is portal which move player to new level. Final version will contain different themed labyrinths, totally 5-15 levels. Also different level music and different weapons coming. Game price will be in steam 0,99USD


- Rifle weapon
- 5+ different themed and different difficulties labyrinths
- damageable objects like bombs to avoid
- destructible walls and other stuff

More information

Published53 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsFPS, Shooter

Install instructions

Game project is packaged. Playable .exe file is under folder: LE -> Labyrinthshooter -> Binaries -> Win64 -> Labyrinthshooter-Win64-Shipping.exe


LE.zip (1 GB)